Switch from DBF to DB2 without programming


Want to switch from DBF to DB2 ?

Using DbfToDB2, you can migrate from DBF to DB2 easily and fast, just a few mouse clicks!

Here you can download and install DbfToDB2.

Copy table struct and data from DBF to DB2

Click “Wizard – Import All Tables” at task dialog.

Batch import data from DBF  tables to DB2  tables - Task Window

then show the wizard.

1. Open Source DBF .

Migrate from DBF  to DB2  - Open Source schema

2. Select Destination DB2 .

Migrate from DBF  to DB2  - select destination schema

3. Select tables to migrate.

Will copy selected tables struct (field, primary key, index, auto increament, nullable) and data both.

Switch from DBF  to DB2  - select tables

4. Migrate.

Switch from DBF  to DB2  - batch import

More about DbfToDB2 – the tool to convert DBF database to DB2

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