Batch import Nginx logs to DBF without programming


Want to import Nginx logs into DBF?

Using TxtToDbf, you can import Nginx logs into DBF easily and fast, no need to program, just a few mouse clicks!

Here you can download and install TxtToDbf.

Import Nginx logs into DBF

Click “Wizard – Import From Folder” at task dialog.

Import Nginx Access Logs To DBF  - task window

then show the wizard.

1. Select a folder that constains Nginx log files.

Batch import Nginx Access Logs To DBF  - select a folder

2. Config log file options.

Batch import Nginx Web Server Logs To DBF  - select a folder

3. Select a table and config fields.

Parse and Load Nginx Web Visit Logs into DBF  - select table

4. Preview data.

Transfer Nginx logs To DBF  - preview

5. Import.

Buik load Nginx logs into DBF  - import log

View table data.

Extract Nginx logs into DBF  - view

More about TxtToDbf – the tool to import Nginx logs to DBF

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