Convert big XML file to CSV file without coding


Sometimes you need to convert big XML files to other format, like CSV, TSV, Excel, XML, or SQL.

If you don’t like to program, you can try Withdata DataFileConverter, a native GUI tool, support Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Here’s how to.

An example XML file, psd7003.xml 683 MB, download from

big xml file

Run DataFileConverter, click “Start a New Convert”.

start new convert

From “XML”, To “CSV”.
You can convert to other formats also, TXT, TSV, Excel, XML, Html, or SQL.

xml to csv

Open XML file.

open xml

Set CSV file.

set csv





View CSV.

view csv

You can schedule and automate this converting task by:

1) Save session and create batch/shell file.

2) Set scheduled task.

Here you can download DataFileConverter, and buy DataFileConverter.