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Open LOB data ( BLOB, CLOB ) with external tool

For many large objects that are stored in the database it may be necessary to invoke an external viewer or editor.

For example, if a BLOB column contains the contents an Access file, it will be necessary to invoke the MS Access.

When invoking the Blob Editor for such content, you will initially be taken to the Hex view page.

 LOB Data Editor - external hex

After that, you can switch to the External Open page.

Here you can define which program should be executed.

First you will need to define the file extension.

 LOB Data Editor - define file extension

Next you will need to define which program should be executed.

Click "Show File Format List" button, see registered file types, choice the program you want to open the LOB data, double click it.

Here is MS Access.

 LOB Data Editor - choice program

Click "Open" button, a temporary file with the editor contents will be saved with that extension.

Then you can view the content in the external program.

 LOB Data Editor - open in external program