DbfToFile 2.0 Released Download
V2.0 Released
Improve exporting performance.
Improve reading and writing MEMO and BLOB.

V1.9 Released
Add "run a task every n hours".
Add "run a task every n minutes".

V1.8 Released
Add option "not create data file when return empty row".
Fix view source table data on export tables.
Improve data convert performance.

V1.7 Released
Fix adjust table list width.
Fix try reading Excel file, when the file as target file.

V1.6 Released
Add custom column name in exported Excel file.
Add custom column name in exported TXT/CSV/TSV file.
Fix custom JSON node name in exported file.
Fix custom XML node name in exported file.
Fix unload query result to file with part columns.
Improve export part rows and skip rows.

V1.5 Released
Fix a file choose bug.
Fix a folder choose bug.
Improve exporting performance.

V1.4 Released
Fix bug on export to JSON file via command line.
Improve support to export similar files.

V1.3 Released
Fix bug that caused by unload table contains quote(").
Fix export JSON escape characters.
Fix write JSON float DecimalSeparator.
Improve support to create index in dbf table.
Improve write data and numeric data to JSON file.

V1.2 Released
Fix exporting to SQL file, numeric field no need quote.
Fix write "null" to JSON file.
Improve exporting to SQL file, add check update key in destination columns.

V1.1 Released
Add export to JSON format "Array Without Name" and "MongoDB Export Format".
Add support to export file by UTF-8 encoding.

V1.0 Released
First Release.