JsonToMsSql 3.3 Released Download
V3.3 Released
Merged to FileToDB.

V3.2 Released
Fix detect BOM.
Fix parse date format in file when creating table.
Fix read BOM start JSON file.
Fix read long line file.
Fix write bad file.
Improve display progress for estimated rows.
Improve import number to db.
Improve insert/update to SQL Server.

V3.1 Released
Adjust UI.
Fix read JSON, some data items have no RecordOn Node.
Improve create batch file for running scheduled task on Windows.
Improve read JSON columns.

V3.0 Released
Add suport Linux.
Add suport macOS.
Improve read big JSON file performance.

V2.6 Released
Fix "create table".
Improve "read big JSON file performance".

V2.5 Released
Fix bugs caused by incompatible library version.
Fix read some JSON file, "skip 1st record, double 2nd record" bug.
Improve create table.

V2.4 Released
Improve LOB read/write performance.
Improve importing performance.

V2.3 Released
Add "run a task every n hours".
Add "run a task every n minutes".

V2.2 Released
Add "Save To SQL File".
Improve data convert performance.

V2.1 Released
Add "Record On" to support more complex JSON importing.
Add support to SQL Server 2019.
Fix JSON Lines read bug.
Fix adjust table list width.
Fix move files after importting.

V2.0 Released
Add option "source filename as column"
Add parse "US$" format string to number.
Improve map columns.

V1.9 Released
Fix a file choose bug.
Fix a folder choose bug.
Improve importing performance.

V1.8 Released
Fix a SSL connect issue.
Fix a performance problem cause by too many small files.

V1.7 Released
Add suggest data type on creating table.
Add validate JSON format.
Fix write empty string to CLOB/TEXT field.
Improve convert with large column count.

V1.6 Released
Add "upsert" mode import.
Improve "update" mode import, update key must be unique index.
Improve JSON source view.
Improve read TAB, break line in JSON file.

V1.5 Released
Add view TEXT(CLOB) by mouse click.
Fix import string contains single quote.
Fix load data to ftVarBytes field.
Improve read JSON ISODate.
Improve read JSON array.
Improve support to read big JSON file.

V1.4 Released
Add "move successful files to another folder" function.
Add convert data from web.
Add handle for skip rows big than total rows.
Add support date format like: "20150101 13:43:29".
Add support date format like: "2016-04-12T18:37:09-07:00".
Add support date format like: "2016-07-21T17:18:52Z".
Add support date format like: "Fri, 21 Oct 2016 13:08:32 +0800".
Add support date formats like: "2015:06:21", "2015:06:21 08:02:48", "2016:03:20 20:08:08-06:00".
Add support to array of array.
Add support to convert from n sub-level JSON child nodes.
Add view target table after importing.
Fix bug on source data file name has no ext.

V1.3 Released
Add "Import ISODate".
Add "Show table DDL".
Fix import date with format "YYYYMM".
Fix import date/integer/float/bool data bug when data is "N/A".
Fix import long string to varchar field bug.
Fix import to SQL Server identity field bug.
Improve wizard form UI.

V1.2 Released
Add "Create Table" on right click menu.
Add "Database Object TreeView".
Add "Drop Table" on right click menu.
Add "View Table Data" on right click menu.
Add "View Table Struct" on right click menu.

V1.1 Released
Add support importing data from MongoDB exported JSON data file.
Add support importing data to field that field name contains "~".
Add support to more number formats.
Adjust login form.
Fix bug caused by key constains whitespace.
Improve command line, made it more simple.
Improve parsing date format.
Improve parsing number format.
Improve support to importing unicode data to SQL Server varchar(MAX)/nvarchar(MAX) field.

V1.0 Released