The application is now uninstalled

Withdata Software wants to know what we can do to make its applications even better. Please, take a few minutes and let us know what your impressions were. By answering these questions you are helping us creating the applications the way you need them to be.

What's your job title?

Office Staff
Business/Data Analyst
System Administrator

What is your frequent-use functions?

Copy data from single table
Copy data from tables
Copy data from query
Run in command line
Scheduled task
Other function

What is the frequency that you use MysqlCopier?

Every day
Once a week
Just once

What item needs to be improved urgently?

User Interface
The number of features
Organization of the features

What was the main reason to uninstall this application?

Did not attend all my needs
The User Interface was too confusing
The application presented instability
Too expensive
Other reasons

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