XlsToSqlite 3.5 Released Download
V3.5 Released
Merged to FileToDB.

V3.4 Released
Fix detect BOM.
Fix parse date format in file when creating table.
Fix write bad file.
Improve display progress for estimated rows.
Improve import number to db.

V3.3 Released
Adjust UI.
Fix "Cancel" on wizard dialog.
Fix "not display columns when have no relative table".
Fix load session with part columns.
Improve create batch file for running scheduled task on Windows.

V3.2 Released
Improve import Excel data.
Support Widnows (32bit and 64bit), Linux (64bit), MacOS (64bit).

V3.1 Released
Fix bugs caused by incompatible library version.
Improve create table.

V3.0 Released
Improve importing performance.

V2.9 Released
Add "run a task every n hours".
Add "run a task every n minutes".

V2.8 Released
Add "Save To SQL File".
Improve data convert performance.

V2.7 Released
Fix adjust table list width.
Fix move files after importting.

V2.6 Released
Add option "source filename as column"
Add parse "US$" format string to number.
Fix calculate record number on multiple sheets.
Improve map columns.

V2.5 Released
Fix a file choose bug.
Fix a folder choose bug.
Fix an SSL connect issue.
Improve importing performance.

V2.4 Released
Fix bug on importing data from non-first sheet.
Fix bug on reading some XLSX files.

V2.3 Released
Add suggest data type on creating table.
Fix write empty string to CLOB/TEXT field.
Improve convert with large column count.

V2.2 Released
Add "upsert" mode import.
Improve "update" mode import, update key must be unique index.

V2.1 Released
Add view TEXT(CLOB) by mouse click.
Fix import string contains single quote.
Fix load data to ftVarBytes field.

V2.0 Released
Add "move successful files to another folder" function.
Add convert data from web.
Add handle for skip rows big than total rows.
Add support date format like: "20150101 13:43:29".
Add support date format like: "2016-04-12T18:37:09-07:00".
Add support date format like: "2016-07-21T17:18:52Z".
Add support date format like: "Fri, 21 Oct 2016 13:08:32 +0800".
Add support date formats like: "2015:06:21", "2015:06:21 08:02:48", "2016:03:20 20:08:08-06:00".
Add view target table after importing.

V1.9 Released
Add "Show table DDL".
Fix import date with format "YYYYMM".
Fix import date/integer/float/bool data bug when data is "N/A".
Improve wizard form UI.

V1.8 Released
Add "Create Table" on right click menu.
Add "Database Object TreeView".
Add "Drop Table" on right click menu.
Add "View Table Data" on right click menu.
Add "View Table Struct" on right click menu.

V1.7 Released
Add support importing data to field that field name contains "~".
Add support to more number formats.
Adjust login form.
Improve command line, made it more simple.
Improve parsing date format.
Improve parsing number format.

V1.6 Released
Add set default field type on creating table.
Add support importing data to field that field name contains "&".
Improve support to importing empty string data to not null field.

V1.5 Released
Add support to field contains "<" or ">".
Add support to field contains line break.
Fix bug on edit data in resultset grid.
Improve execute in command line, will close if can not login database.
Improve reading Excel file.
Improve support for more datetime format.
Improve support for more large integer field.
Improve support for value "(null)".

V1.4 Released
Add "Show scheduled tasks".
Add SQLite boolean type to create table.
Add notify when load multiple data to one field at same time.
Add support to Netherland number(currency) format like "96.325,75-".
Add support to date format like "22.12.2005." and "25.7.2008. 21:15:05" .
Add support to import number format contains ",".
Improve convert performance significantly.

V1.3 Released
Add "Create new SQLite DB file".
Add "Login to encrypted SQLite file".
Add command-line and schedule task support to "save to sql".
Add notify when can not create log file.
Disable exception window when run in command-line.
Fix bug about can not close form when exception raise.
Fix bug on "create bad file error".
Fix bug on "export single table" with clob field.
Imporve "Create Table", auto fix table/field name before create.
Imporve datetime convert support.
Imporve notify when can not create session file.

V1.2 Released
Change reg code to license file.
Improve exception report.
Improve save session file, auto add folder and ext.
Fix bug "import form UI misalignment" caused by selecting a custom DPI setting that is higher than the standard 96 DPI.
Improve "create target table", target table name auto change to created table.
Fix bug "logon to SQLite form UI misalignment" caused by selecting a custom DPI setting that is higher than the standard 96 DPI.
Improve Sqlite logon form, auto remove the non-exists Sqlite file name from history list.

V1.1 Released
Add "Bad File" to log failed import records.
Add "turning off log" in command line.
Fix bug "falied load part columns data in command line"

V1.0 Released.
First Release.