View Big Text File, Easy and Fast

BigTextFileViewer is a native GUI tool that helps you to view big text file. It can work for TXT file, CSV file, TSV file, JSON file, XML file, SQL file, log file, and other types.

Current Version: 1.8, Release Date: 2023/12/22

Support Windows, Linux, MacOS

Price: $25.00 USD or less, Buy Now

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Multiple File Types

View Huge Text File - Multiple File Types

Work for multiple tile types, TXT, CSV, TSV, JSON, XML, SQL, log, and other types.

From Begin Or End

View Huge Text File - From Begin Or End

Can view from begin, or from end.

To Specific Part

View Huge Text File - To Specific Part

Can view specific part of file.

Part By Part

View Huge Text File - Part By Part

Can view file part by part.