MongoLoader 2.4 Released Download
V2.4 Released
Add support http proxy.
Improve reading JSON file has deep levels.
Improve reading big JSON file with UTF8+BOM encoding.

V2.3 Released
Add support to SRV (DNS Seed List) connection.
Improve importing SQL file, for date/timestamp data.
Improve support to MongoDB Atlas.

V2.2 Released
Add support to import data from SQL file.
Improve support to multiple monitors.
Some minor bug fixes and improvements.

V2.1 Released
Fix bug on executing "MongoDB query contains $".
Improve counting document count on exporting.
Improve exporting MongoDB data performance.
Improve progress UI.
Improve reading JSON file.
Improve reading big text file.

V2.0 Released
Fix bugs on wizard.
Fix warning wrong format JSON file.
Improve exception report.

V1.9 Released
Add importing from INI file.
Add more "Help" buttons, and "Help" web pages.
Improve exporting from big XML file performance.
Improve exporting to SQL file performance.
Improve reading JSON, support more encodings.
Improve reading XML, support more encodings.

V1.8 Released
Add downloading/importing from url list.
Improve importing XML files.

V1.7 Released
Add "switch MongoDB database".
Improve exporting to Excel files.
Improve exporting to file.
Improve reading JSON files.
Improve reading RDF files.
Improve reading XML files.
Improve reading big JSON files.

V1.6 Released
Add support for MongoDB 6.0.
Add support for reading file with more encodings.
Add support for writing file with more encodings.
Fix export to n files.
Fix import from n files.
Improve reading XML file.

V1.5 Released
Improve import XML data.
Improve log on.

V1.4 Released
Fix load session for batch import data from files.
Some minor bug fixes and improvements.

V1.3 Released
Improve support to Linux command line.
Some minor bug fixes and improvements.

V1.2 Released
Add "import from url".

V1.1 Released
Fix convert n to 1, with different column count or orders.
Fix parse text file.

V1.0 Released