SqlLobEditor 3.4 Released Download
V3.4 Released
Improve LOB read/write performance.
Improve importing/exporting performance.

V3.3 Released
Add "run a task every n hours".
Add "run a task every n minutes".
Add support to SQL Server 2019.

V3.2 Released
Improve support for x64.

V3.1 Released
Add a JSON viewer".
Fix an encoding problem on "load from file".

V3.0 Released
Fix exported file name contains "/".
Fix exported file name contains double quote (").
Fix exported file name contains line break.
Fix exported file name use date field value.
Fix import file name for date field value.

V2.9 Released
Arrange form in pager.
Fix export bug when "Ext Field" contains "/".
Fix export bug when "Name Field" contains "?".

V2.8 Released
Add right click popmenu "Import LOB", "Export LOB".
Adjust login form.
Improve command line, made it more simple.

V2.7 Released
Add "Use LOB value as exported file name/ext/subfolder" options.
Add "create table".
Fix "create sub folder by field" on exporting lob from query.
Improve execute in command line, will close if can not login database.

V2.6 Released
Add "Show scheduled tasks".
Add check "Save To" folder exists on Lob export form.
Improve convert performance significantly.
Improve support for import lob data with number name field.

V2.5 Released
Disable exception window when run in command-line.
Fix bug about can not close form when exception raise.
Fix bug on open table.
Imporve notify when can not create session file.

V2.4 Released
Improve exception report.
Change reg code to license file.
Improve save session file, auto add folder and ext.

V2.3 Released
Add "Create sub folders by field name".
Add "turning off log" in command line.
Fix bug when logon to SQL Server name with "\".

V2.2 Released.
Add "Task Schedule".
Improve import/export performance.
Fix "division by zero" bug in importing/exporting process.

V2.1 Released.
Add PDF View.
Add "Execute Sql from Command line".
Improve logon form.
Improve "Check update".
Fix bug on "Execute from command line".
Some other bug fixes and enhancements.

V2.0 Released.
Add "Make Batch File".
Improve "Export LOB" performance.
Fix "Out Of Memory" bug in "Export LOB".
Some other bug fixes and enhancements.

V1.9 Released.
Improve compatibility to x64.
Some bug fixes and enhancements.

V1.8 Released.
Add "wordwrap" option to Query form.
Fix bug about save xml data to DB.
Fix bug about read xml data.

V1.7 Released.
Improve "save/load task".
Improve user interface.

V1.6 Released.
Add "Edit BLOB data in view".

V1.5 Released.
Add "set font for viewing TEXT data".
Enhance unicode support.

V1.4 Released.
Add "folder location to field mapping".
Add "export from query", can extract data based on the contents of joined tables.
Fix some bugs with unicode.

V1.3 Released.
Add support to import/export varbinary(MAX) and varchar(MAX).
Add "include file extension to fieldname field" option to import lob.
Add "remember last time login information".
Add task window.
Fix bug "edit lob field failed when add record".

V1.2 Released.
Support table name that contains blank characters.
Support field name that uses key word.
Add "save the import/export settings".
Add "schedule saved import/export job".

V1.1 Released.
Add binary and varbinary data support.

V1.0 Released.
First Release.