Read Oracle CLOB Data


OraLobEditor is a database tool that can read Oracle CLOB data directly.

Use OraLobEditor, you can read Oracle CLOB visually, do not need program with PL/SQL (or other program languages) to convert CLOB data to file.

And you can save CLOB data to file and read also.

Easy to use

read clob, click for detail

Read LOB (BLOB, CLOB) data directly.

Read multiple formats CLOB data(text, RTF, hex, html, xml…).

Save CLOB data to file and read.

open clob data by external tool, click for detail

Calling external tool to use more powerful editing functions.

By Using external tool, we can edit or play some complex data, e.g. pdf, word, xls(Excel) …

hex edit clob, click for detail

Hexadecimal mode to edit CLOB data, especially for unknown type data.

We can edit long string(Char,Varchar2) data in hex mode also.

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