OraLoader 6.6 Released Download
V6.6 Released
Add support to Oracle 21c.
Improve importing performance.

V6.5 Released
Add "run a task every n hours".
Add "run a task every n minutes".

V6.4 Released
Add "Save To SQL File".
Add option "not create data file when return empty row".
Fix view source table data on export tables.
Improve data convert performance.

V6.3 Released
Add "Record On" to support more complex JSON importing.
Add "Record On" to support more complex XML importing.
Add import RDF JSON-LD format.
Add support to Oracle 20c.
Fix JSON Lines read bug.
Fix XML read first node.
Fix XML read node has value, has attributes, has no child.
Fix adjust table list width.
Fix move files after importting.
Fix try reading Excel file, when the file as target file.
Improve deal with not invalid RDF format file.
Improve deal with not invalid XML format file.
Improve import RDF turtle format.

V6.2 Released
Add custom column name in exported Excel file.
Add custom column name in exported TXT/CSV/TSV file.
Add option "source filename as column"
Add parse "US$" format string to number.
Add support to Oracle 19c.
Fix calculate record number on multiple sheets.
Fix custom JSON node name in exported file.
Fix custom XML node name in exported file.
Fix lost break lines when write multiple lines data to string field.
Fix unload query result to file with part columns.
Improve map columns.

V6.1 Released
Fix a file choose bug.
Fix a folder choose bug.
Fix an SSL connect issue.
Improve exporting performance.
Improve importing performance.

V6.0 Released
Add support to Oracle 18c.
Fix a performance problem cause by too many small files.
Fix bug on importing data from non-first sheet.
Fix bug on reading some XLSX files.
Fix the problem about duplicate node names.

V5.9 Released
Add import RDF N-Quads files (.nq) .
Add import RDF N-Triples files (.nt, .ntriples) .
Add import RDF Turtle files (.ttl, .n3) .
Fix bug on export to JSON file via command line.
Improve read XML file performance.
Improve read big RDF file performance.
Improve support to export similar files.

V5.8 Released
Add import from INI file.
Add suggest data type on creating table.
Add validate JSON format.
Fix bug that caused by unload table contains quote(").
Fix export JSON escape characters.
Fix write JSON float DecimalSeparator.
Fix write empty string to CLOB/TEXT field.
Improve convert with large column count.
Improve parse TXT/TSV/CSV file quote char.
Improve read long text in XML.
Improve write data and numeric data to JSON file.

V5.7 Released
Add "upsert" mode import.
Add exporting to SQL file, with "upsert" mode.
Fix exporting to SQL file, numeric field no need quote.
Fix write "null" to JSON file.
Improve "update" mode import, update key must be unique index.
Improve JSON source view.
Improve XML source view.
Improve exporting to SQL file, add check update key in destination columns.
Improve for XML duplicate column.
Improve read TAB, break line in JSON file.

V5.6 Released
Add export to JSON format "Array Without Name" and "MongoDB Export Format".
Add support to export file by UTF-8 encoding.
Fix import string contains single quote.
Fix load data to ftVarBytes field.
Improve read JSON ISODate.
Improve read JSON array.
Improve support to read big TXT/CSV/TSV file.

V5.5 Released
Add "export N tables to 1 Excel sheet".
Add "export N tables to 1 file".
Add view TEXT(CLOB) by mouse click.
Improve support to read big JSON file.

V5.4 Released
Add support date format like: "20150101 13:43:29".
Add support date format like: "2016-04-12T18:37:09-07:00".
Add support date format like: "2016-07-21T17:18:52Z".
Add support date format like: "Fri, 21 Oct 2016 13:08:32 +0800".
Add support date formats like: "2015:06:21", "2015:06:21 08:02:48", "2016:03:20 20:08:08-06:00".
Add support to convert both from XML child elements and attributes.
Add support to convert from n sub-level JSON child nodes.
Add support to convert from n sub-level XML child elements.
Add view exported file after exporting.
Add view target table after importing.
Fix bug on exporting to Excel with long table name.
Fix bug on source data file name has no ext.

V5.3 Released
Add "Import ISODate".
Add "Reload data" when changed encoding.
Add "Show table DDL".
Fix export query results that can not count records.
Fix export to SQL with date format.
Fix export view data.
Fix import date with format "YYYYMM".
Fix import date/integer/float/bool data bug when data is "N/A".
Improve fetch Oracle SERVICE_NAME and SID.
Improve wizard form UI.

V5.2 Released
Add "Create Table" on right click menu.
Add "Database Object TreeView".
Add "Drop Table" on right click menu.
Add "View Table Data" on right click menu.
Add "View Table Struct" on right click menu.
Add import Excel files from folder.
Add import from JSON.
Add import from XML.

V5.1 Released
Add support importing data to field that field name contains "~".
Add support to more number formats.
Adjust login form.
Fix bug on export to Excel.
Fix bug that caused by unload fields contains quote(").
Improve command line, made it more simple.
Improve parsing date format.
Improve parsing number format.
Improve support to importing unicode data to Oracle CLOB/NCLOB field.
Use system date format as unload default date format.

V5.0 Released
Add "export to JSON".
Add set default field type on creating table.
Add support importing data to field that field name contains "&".
Fix bug that caused by break line in sql query.
Improve performance on exporting table that contains BLOB/CLOB data.
Improve support to export XML, add "export as attribute".
Improve support to importing empty string data to not null field.

V4.9 Released
Add support to field contains "<" or ">".
Add support to field contains line break.
Fix bug on edit data in resultset grid.
Improve reading Excel file.
Improve support for more datetime format.
Improve support for more large integer field.
Improve support for value "(null)".
Improve writing Excel file.

V4.8 Released
Add "Show scheduled tasks".
Add notify when load multiple data to one field at same time.
Add support create table on non-default schema.
Add support to Netherland number(currency) format like "96.325,75-".
Add support to date format like "22.12.2005." and "25.7.2008. 21:15:05" .
Add support to import number format contains ",".
Fix bug on changing target schema.
Fix import error when Oracle table name is lower case.
Fix import error when field name is Oracle reserved keyword.
Improve convert performance significantly.

V4.7 Released
Add command-line and schedule task support to "save to sql".
Add notify when can not create log file.
Add support to custom date format.
Disable exception window when run in command-line.
Fix bug about can not close form when exception raise.
Fix bug about write bad file in "Load From Folder"
Fix bug on "create bad file error".
Fix bug on "load folder save to sql truncate the sql file".
Fix bug on auto change data file name when meet table name contains "*".
Fix bug on import/export data when schema/table/field name contains double quote.
Imporve "Create Table", auto fix table/field name before create.
Imporve datetime convert support.
Imporve notify when can not create session file.
Improve support for Oracle 11g

V4.6 Released
Change reg code to license file.
Improve "create target table", target table name auto change to created table.
Fix bug "import form UI misalignment" caused by selecting a custom DPI setting that is higher than the standard 96 DPI.
Improve exception report.
Add support to customize data file name with date time.
Improve save session file, auto add folder and ext.
Improve support to Oracle 12C.

V4.5 Released
Fix bug "failed load part columns data in command line".
Add an option for "replace CRLF with space".
Add "turning off log" in command line.
Add "Bad File" to log failed import records.

V4.4 Released.
Add "Task Schedule".
Improve import performance.
Fix "division by zero" bug in importing process.
Fix bug on loading files from folder via command line.

V4.3 Released.
Add "Execute Sql from Command line".
Add "Match filter (wildcard)" to "Import from folder".
Add "Check Update" to menu.
Improve importing performance.
Improve importing exception notify, more exactly line number.
Fix "Execute update sql error".
Fix "Save To Sql" with "Update" type. 
Fix bug "count unicode file lines inacculately".
Fix bug of exporting multiple sheets at one time.
Some other bug fixes and enhancements.

V4.2 Released.
Add "Make Batch File".
Improve "Date Format Config".
Improve "Export From Query".
Fix "Export to Sql file" in "Export All Tables".
Some other bug fixes and enhancements.

V4.1 Released.
Add "right click tab to rename/close form".
Improve "progress update".
Improve support to Unicode.
Fix a bug of "Run sql".
Fix a bug of "Quote(None)". 
Fix a bug of "trim CRLF".
Fix a bug about Numeric data.
Some other bug fixes and enhancements.

V4.0 Released.
Add "Update" type to "load Excel data".
Add "Erorrs to allow" option to "load Excel data".
Improve "Config Date Format" and "Config Number Format" to "unload data".
Improve "Help Documents".
Improve user interface.
Fix bug about exporting RAW(varbytes) type data.

V3.9 Released.
Add wizard to "Load CSV (file)", "Load CSV (folder)", "Load Excel".
Add easy way to custom "Quote" and "Delimiter".
Improve user interface.
Some bug fixes and enhancements.

V3.8 Released.
Add "XML Special Character Conversion" to exporting XML data.
Add "Delimiter can be string" to exporting TXT data.
Add "TAB WHITE" Delimiter to "Export From Query".
Add "WordWrap" option to Query Form and "Export From Query".
Fix importing Excel data bug when sheetname contains "-".
Fix bug about "copy/paste with TAB in Query form".
Fix importing TXT bug when file contains unicode line-break.

V3.7 Released.
Add launch window.
Improve "save/load session".
Improve query form.
Improve user interface.
Fix "parse utf8 data" bug.

V3.6 Released.
Improve user interface for choicing columns to import.
Fix bug of load skipped columns session.

V3.5 Released.
Add "list recent csv(txt) files".
Add "list recent folders".
Add "list recent excel files".
Improve interface for loading multiple files.
Add "view data" function in "Unload All Table" form.
Fix a data parse bug (delimiter=TAB, text contains blank ' ').

V3.4 Released.
Fix edit data function in "Show Data".
Fix clob unicode problem when importing Excel data.
Improve file size display.

V3.3 Released.
Add "Import multiple csv/txt files from folder" function.
Add unicode support to "import csv/txt".

V3.2 Released.
Add an option to use header row as fieldnames to create a table with.
Some bug fixes and enhancements.

V3.1 Released.
Support connect Oracle by "tcp/ip", work without Oracle client.
Add "set number format" to load/unload.
Add "load all Excel sheets at one time". 
Add unicode support to unload.
Add unicode support to load Excel.

V3.0 Released.
Support import Excel 2007 file.
Support export to Excel 2007 file.
Improve Excel reading performance.
Support schema name, table name and field name contains quote char.
Add heading when copy grid data in query form.
Add the ability to append a trailing delimiter.
Some bug fixes and enhancements.

V2.9 Released.
Add "Select Columns" to CSV(Txt) loading.
Add "Unload Views" option.
Some other bug fix and enhancement.

V2.8 Released.
Add "Execute via command line" function.
Improve "Help" function.

V2.7 Released.
Add "Open/Save Unload Query" session.
Add "save log to physical log file" function.
Add "reconnect automatically" function.
Add "open/save workplace(all tabs)" function.
Fix "irregular sign" at "Unload Query".
"Select Columns" dialog show excel data(header).

V2.6 Released.
add "allow selection of headers when unloading from a query". 
add "set load NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE".
add "set unload readbuffer".   
improve "selece excel columns" function.
fix "replace" type load bug.

V2.5 Released.
Add unload clob support.
Add some more date format support.
Add support info dialog.
Add load partial commit.
Add char converting for loading Excel. 
Fix try header function.
Fix query data with table name start with "_".

V2.4 Released.
Add "close" to tab.
Add "Error Message" to Query Form.
Improve data loading performance.
Some UI enhancement.

V2.3 Released.
Add schema switch support. 
Add clob,blob support for loading Excel.
Add "data cell paste" function.	
Add "save/load unload session" function.
Add "save/load load Excel session" function.
Import ui enhancement.

V2.2 Released.
Add "Import Excel (xls)" function.

V2.1 Released.
Add "load/unload config saving" function.
Add "show server message at sql form" function.
Add "run sql script contain multiple statements".
Fix "unload datafile cannot be a exist file" bug.
Fix a "preview load result" bug.

V2.0 Released.
Add "Unload All Table" function.
Automatically open logon dialog instead of the dialog message "Not logged on".
Change SQL Unload dialog to sizable.
Fix tab relative bug.
Some other bug fix and enhancement.

V1.9 Released.
Logon form show last usermame and database. 
Add "Rename tab name" function.
Add "Open/Save sql function" at sql form.
Add "Show Load/Unload status".
Add "Minimize to Taskbar option when running a query". 
Add "Minimize to Taskbar option when Unloading data to a TXT file".  
Add some shotcut.
Improve "try header" function.
Filter queue table.

V1.8 Released.
Add 'pick the font for the Results Pane'.
Add 'remembered my Delimiter & Quoted By options'.
Add 'cancel save to sql in the Load window'.
Fix '[Delete] key does not function in the Query Editor window'.
Fix 'calculate field count'.
Make different file lock on the unload files.

V1.7 Released.
Add NullIf Option.
Add 'Load Rows' and 'Skip Rows' option.
Add Cancel Load function.
Fix 'limit to the lengths of the column headers' bug.

V1.6 Released.
Improve 'query table data" performance.

V1.5 Released.
Add tabbed interface.
Improve interface on WinXP.

V1.4 Released.
Add Break button in sql from.
Fix export xls 'Out of Memory error' bug. 

V1.3 Released.
Add mulit-line field data load.

V1.2 Released.
Change load form.
Now can load data without Sqlldr.
Adjust AutoComplete.

V1.1 Released.
Add Export to Xls(Excel),Html,Xml file.
Add Export to Sql*Loader control file.
Improve export performance.
Add new delimiter( whitespace, tab).

V1.0 Released.
First Release.