Save Time on Oracle Importing/Exporting work

OraLoader is a data conversion software that helps database users to import/export Oracle databases to or from flat files and Excel files. With OraLoader, you will finally have the power to move data smoothly.

OraLoader will be merged into DBLoader.

Current Version: 7.2, Release Date: 2022/03/11

Support Windows, Linux, macOS

Price: $75.00 USD or less, Buy Now

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Easy Config

Import Data From Csv To Oracle - easy config

Easy visually config, just click on the mouse.

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Import Data From Csv To Oracle - Wizard

Wizard, Step by step.

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Import Form Folder

Import Data From Csv To Oracle - Import folder

Batch import from folder at one time.

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Export Table

Oracle export to files - export table

Export data from table

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Export Query

Oracle export to files - export query

Export data from SQL query

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Batch Export Tables

Oracle export to files - batch export tables

Batch export tables data at one time

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Save/Load Session

Oracle import/export tool - sava/load session

Saving/loading session, execute repeatly

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Command Line

Oracle import/export tool - Command line

Execute on command line

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Task Scheduler

Oracle import/export tool - Scheduled task

Execute automatically at specific time

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OraLoader definitely helped us get the job done. ”

— Dan Capper
Systems Engineering Manager
Call Time Solutions

This program has saved me hours of work, it's quick friendly and very easy to use. ”

— Leigh Haddington
Business Systems Manager

Withdata provided a custom version that met my requirements. OraLoader is a straightforward answer to a basic need that seems well supported. ”

— Bob Riddle

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