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OraLoader Testimonials

We had a task which involved exporting specific (query derived) data from an Oracle database, into a format which could be imported to any kind of database server. Oracle only provides export tools for their proprietary format, and parsing raw query output carried the risk of data loss, so we wanted a tool to let us easily export query results to a simple text or CSV format.

OraLoader transformed what could have been a lengthy development task into a simple exercise able to be performed by one of our support engineers. We got the job done on time, and Withdata were very responsive when we needed them to add a small feature we required for the task at hand.

I would be happy to recommend WithData¡¯s OraLoader to others looking for an effective, easy to use data export/import solution for Oracle databases. ”

— Dan Capper
Systems Engineering Manager
Call Time Solutions

I bought OraLoader for use on a rush project requiring the import into Oracle millions of rows of data exported from DB2. I started with 22 separate DB2 export files; several with large numbers of columns. The differences in exported formats and data types between DB2 and Oracle would have otherwise required me to either write a custom load program or else spending a good bit of time in trial-and-error to create special import masks for Oracle. OraLoader speeded up the process considerably; turning a complex data import task into a relatively small number of GUI clicks. Later when I needed some customization to the handling of null columns for another project, Withdata provided a custom version that met my requirements. OraLoader is a straightforward answer to a basic need that seems well supported.”

— Bob Riddle

This program has saved me hours of work, it's quick friendly and very easy to use. ”

— Leigh Haddington
Business Systems Manager
The Elite Group

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