Convert big JSON file to CSV file without coding


Sometimes you need to convert large JSON files to other formats, like CSV, TSV, Excel, XML, or SQL.

If you don’t like to program, you can try Withdata DataFileConverter, a native GUI tool, support Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Here’s how to.

Save/load session
Run in command line
Run as scheduled task

A huge JSON file for test, 8M_lines.json 6.38 GB.


Run DataFileConverter, click “Start a New Convert”.

start new convert

From “JSON”, To “CSV”.
You can convert to other formats also, TXT, TSV, Excel, XML, Html, or SQL.

json to csv

Open JSON file.

open json

Set CSV file.

set csv





Save/load session

Save Session.

Click “Save Session” button, then enter a session file name.
save session
click “OK” button.

Load Session.

Click the “Open a Saved Session” in task window, select a session file.
load session

Then the wizard form shows, click “Next”, and “Next”.
start session

Run in command line

When you save session, you can click “Save & Make Batch File”.
save session

The “Save & Make Batch File” form shows.
create batch file

Click “OK” button, you’ll create a batch file, in Windows, like this:

cd "C:\Users\pansh\AppData\Local\Programs\DataFileConverter"
DataFileConverter session="C:\Users\pansh\Documents\8M_lines.dfc" logfile="C:\Users\pansh\Documents\8M_lines.log"

You can run this batch file in command line.

Run as scheduled task

On Linux/macOS, you can use Crontab.

For macOS, How to Fix Cron Permission Issues in macOS.

On Windows, in “Save & Make Batch File” form, you can click “Create & Schedule Task” to set a scheduled task.
create batch file

And then, with scheduled task wizard, step by step.

scheduled task application

scheduled task name

scheduled task time

scheduled task user

scheduled task information

You’ll see created task listed in scheduled task list.

scheduled task list


Here you can download DataFileConverter, and buy DataFileConverter.